On this half day tour, we will take you on a journey along the breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage site Waddensea. We will explore the Waddensea by boat at low tide, scouting for grey seals, harbour seals, migrating birds, plants and more. We will visit the historic fisherman’s town of Harlingen on the Waddensea coast as well as the famous enclosing dike between Noord-Holland and Friesland on this family friendly trip.

  • Enjoy a half day seal spotting safari at the Unesco World Heritage site Waddensea
  • Duration of the tour is approximately 7 hours
  • Scout for grey seals, harbour seals, birds, plants and more
  • Visit a historic fisherman’s town on the Waddensea coast
  • Visit the famous enclosing dike between Noord-Holland and Friesland
  • Family friendly, suitable for all ages
  • Perfect trip for nature lovers
  • Transfer from and to Amsterdam
  • Included: all fees for transfer and boat, two drinks and a snack on board

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Unique half day seal safari at the UNESCO World Heritage site Waddensea

Experience the amazing beauty of the unique mud flats at the UNESCO world heritage site Waddensea. Join us on our ship to go seal spotting on the flatbeds of an empty sea. Listen to the thousands of birds that have their habitat along the coastline of the flatbeds. Enjoy the picturesque traditional towns along the Waddensea coast. Capture yourself on a selfie at the famous enclosing dike.

This half day heritage adventure will take you from Amsterdam to the largest unbroken system of intertidal sand and mud flats in the world, where natural processes are running undisturbed. We will pick you up right in the center of Amsterdam in the morning and drive you through the beautiful Dutch country side: land claimed from the sea, past farms, villages and windmills.

Upon arrival, we will board our ship that takes us onto the Waddensea. Because of its unique coastal wetlands and tidal system, it is a refuge for a huge number of animals, including marine mammals such as the harbour seals, grey seals and harbour porpoises. The Waddensea World Heritage area is one of the most important wetlands for waterbirds on earth. It plays a huge role as a crucial stopover for millions of migrating birds. It´s unique character of intertidal sands and mud flats makes the Waddensea a calm sea with hardly any risk of uncomfortable swell.

Once back in the harbor we will take you to the historic fisherman’s town Harlingen on the Waddensea coast. You will have some time to wander the narrow streets where you can still feel the presence of the old trades and crafts. On our way back to Amsterdam we will stop at the famous enclosing dike between Noord Holland and Friesland, which protects the low country against flooding.

After an exciting and active day, we will take you back to Amsterdam.